My name is Stacey Macdonald. I’m a 48-year-old mother of one daughter and a grandmother of two darling grandchildren, Ana 6 and Ronan 21/2. I’m a retired licenced practical nurse who is returning to school this fall to study business.

My story is simply that I wish to reconnect with childhood memories of camping and in turn be able to give that to daughter and my grandchildren.

Let’s face it, camping can be rough on ageing people or people with small children with all the planning and packing and all the expensive gear you need buy to take along. We wished it could be simpler, more comfortable and less planning and work, so an idea was born to purchase a camper, get a seasonal site, and buy everything we needed so we could easily just be able to escape to our little haven in the woods.  We can’t be there all the time so we love the idea of being able to share it with other like-minded people and provide them with the opportunity to enjoy what we have already created so they may have their own adventures and create their own memories. It’s really a win-win! Not to profit but to share the Love and keep it running on high!

I love it and hope you will too!

Thank you for sharing in My little adventure!